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    Join us as we offer weekly group workouts year-round for athletes of all ages and skill levels. These sessions put players in game-like situations and train those skills in a competitive and fun atmosphere. Players will not only train IQ and decision-making, but will also work together on learning new moves and skills that will make those decisions most efficient. These types of workouts are great for making sure that skills and concepts learned translate to live game play. Players can ensure the work they are putting in will pay off come game time.
    Our group classes work with players on multiple skills including finishing, shooting, dribbling, footwork, in game situations, and others. These classes will push players for 1 hour, focusing on skill enhancement/ game situations for 45 minutes before applying what they have learned in competitions and scrimmages to end the day.
    Multiple workouts are offered throughout each week and designed for players of all skill levels to up their game. They are great for athletes to push each other and be competitive while also improving their overall abilities. To get the most from each workout we ask that players register for the class that best fits their skill level. All workouts will be held at the
Freeland Sportszone in Freeland, MI. 




Break Out



Beg - Int






All Out









Int - Elite

Which Level Is Best For Me?

These sessions are for 2nd - 5th grade players with low level of experience playing organized basketball. They are for players who are new to the game and want to build a solid foundation. Sessions will help the young athlete develop fundamental skills and a better understanding of basketball. 

Intermediate: These sessions are for 6th - 9th grade players with an understanding of the game, but a desire to improve. These sessions require players to have a basic understanding of the fundamentals, dedication to work hard, and to be comfortable being challenged.

Advanced: These sessions are for High School players or ELITE 8th graders who have been RECOMMENDED by one of our trainers to move up to the Advanced Group. These sessions go beyond the fundamentals to teach more advanced skills & concepts. Players of a more beginner level will kindly be asked to move down groups as it does not benefit them at their current skill level to be in the Advanced Group.

Elite: These sessions are for top High School players who are on Varsity teams and have a burning passion for the game. Invite only!

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