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About Matt 

Matt Parks challenges players by putting a focus on "getting uncomfortable" with a diverse amount of drills that not only test an athlete's physicality and skill, but their mental understanding of the game. 


Matt started his career with an early love for basketball. Not always the biggest or tallest on the court, he pushed himself by working on his quickness, skill, and game IQ to compete at a higher level. Matt played basketball at Swan Valley High School, earning 2 district championships as well as Co-MVP and All State Honorable Mention honors his senior year. He began his college career at North Park University in Chicago before later transferring to play at Northwood University in Midland, MI. He has played with and against many D1, semi pro, and professional athletes throughout his career. Through his experiences Matt turned his love for the game into skill development and athletic performance training to help other athletes reach their specific goals. His company 2nd to None has worked with numerous athletes of all ages and skill levels throughout the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas including: Trevor Bohnhoff (Michigan State Basketball), Breanna Short (Concordia University Women's Basketball)Victoria Jankoska (Michigan State Women's Basketball, WNBA draft pick) and James Johnson (Badajoz, Espagne Basketball League). Matt continues to push himself and improve his craft to transfer his knowledge and experiences in a challenging, fun training environment for players of all levels.

Matt Parks - A Purpose Driven Athlete

Out of Swan Valley High School, a young baller took the court in 2006 with a love for the game that would not be denied. From being over looked, questioned and under rated, Matt Parks now is dedicated to proving that young athletes can accomplish anything that they put their mind to.

The Vikings’ standout hooper finished his high school career as a top shooter in the state along with being named an All-Conference, All-Area, and All-State honorable mention performer. And he was just getting started.

Still in the heat of his basketball career, Parks joined ranks playing collegiately at North Park University in Chicago, Illinois before transferring back home and competing for Northwood University. And by then, Parks really began to identify who he wanted to be, and how he would help other underdogs achieve greatness when his playing days were fulfilled.
“Coming up through high school, it took me a lot of drill searching to find what really worked and what didn’t,” Parks said. “I realized there were kids out there like myself who have the dedication and desire to get better but just don’t know what they should be doing to better their game.”
“I was inspired to help guide them in the proper way to better their abilities and cut out the rest of it.”

Parks got his first shot to work with athletes at the Freeland SportsZone in 2011 and it did not take long before things took off. The Saginaw native began to influence young ballers from all around the area. Parks’ face lights up with a smile when speaking to some of the rewarding moments of players who started working with him years ago that are now earning college scholarships and competing at the next level. He attends their college signing days seeing them not as clients, but instead, as family.

Having worked with athletes from ages eight to 28, and skill levels from the beginning player to multi- year professionals, Parks understands that it is bigger than just the game. He routinely picks his athlete’s brain about their goals in life and on the court, constantly refocusing and identifying their strengths and weaknesses.
Because he knows exactly what it takes to rise from the underdog to the cream of the crop.

“I hope to be the person that the kids see as the guy who keeps grinding,” Parks said. “The guy who keeps working at his goals until he achieves them, so that they can better understand that anything in life can be accomplished through hard work and dedication.”

From the hardwood courts of the Freeland SportsZone to gyms all over the Great Lakes Bay Region, Matt Parks’ love for the game can still be spotted in the athletes that he pours his heart into.
“I wake up everyday to be better. To better myself, my business and my athletes who have trusted me with improving their abilities.
All of my energy and focus goes into this and I wouldn’t want to do anything else."

             -Vince Agnew, Freeland Sportszone 


A Love For The Game

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