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About Logan Parks

Logan Parks: AKA loags, loagy bear, bear, pogue, poagy bear; the list is endless, as endless as Logan's kindness and generosity, his loyalty, sense of humor, passion, his love of the game and of others. He had such a huge heart, he always put the needs of others ahead of his own. Logan's ginormous personality was one of his greatest qualities. It simply radiated from him. His presence was so far-reaching; touching so many lives along his life's journey. His presence alone made this world such a better place.


Logan had a smile that was so infectious coupled with a laughter so contagious that you had to catch only a glimpse of that beautiful smile or hear even the faintest sound of his laughter or goofy chuckle and the rest was history, no matter what kind of day you were having it would go from bad to good or good to great. Logan was magical that way, you could not stop yourself from mirroring a smile back at him or stop yourself from laughing along with him.


Logan greatly enjoyed working alongside his brother Matt and the work he did for 2nd to None Elite Basketball Training. Every day he looked forward to working with so many students and athletes. He loved and cared for each and every one, on and off the court. Logan was a teacher, a mentor, a colleague, and a friend. He is also my son, a brother, a grandson, an "uncle", nephew, and cousin.


Loags touched the lives of literally countless people in so many ways every single day. He will never be forgotten. He continues to be a Beacon of light shining so brightly in this world and in each and every person he ever encountered. Truly a blessing and a gift to anyone and everyone who has ever had the pleasure of knowing him.


Logan M. Parks 11/29/93-04/16/22


"Legends Never Die"

The Logan Parks Memorial Scholarship Foundation

The Logan Park's Memorial Scholarship Foundation was created in memory of a loving son, brother, and trainer, Logan Parks. It was designed to create opportunities for students and athletes that may not have otherwise been available to them. These "opportunities" will be in the form of monetary scholarships for furthering education be it college or university, trade school, certification programs, and also 2nd to None training sessions or camps. We will award scholarships to individuals who display exemplary moral character on and off the court. These individuals will demonstrate strong leadership skills, respect for themselves and for others, a strong work ethic in every aspect of their lives, kindness, generosity, a positive attitude, a willingness to go the extra mile, the character to accept positive criticism, learn from it, and apply what they have learned in future endeavors.


It is the goal of this foundation to award 6 scholarships per year. The award amounts could change from year to year depending on many things, one of which is fundraising. We currently host a 3 on 3 basketball tournament in Logan's honor. This is an annual event; 2023 will be our 2nd tournament. We raise money from the tournament in a variety of ways including private donations, which help offset some of the costs of having the tournament, team registration fees, a silent auction, raffles, and the sale of merchandise. We could not accomplish this without people like you, people who donate monetarily, who donate auction items, food and drinks, and our many, many volunteers who donate so much of their time. All of this, all of you make it possible to raise money for Logan's foundation which in turn funds the scholarships. We are a non-profit organization, any and all money received goes directly into the foundation, then in turn back to individuals in the community fitting our criteria. It is our desire to award all scholarships mid May each year. If you have any questions or would like additional information please feel free to contact Laura Parks or Matt Parks below.


Our deepest gratitude,



Contact and Donation

Most of you know me already but those of you who do not my name is Laura Parks. I am Logan's mama and the founder of the Logan Park's Memorial Scholarship Foundation, along with my son Matthew, who is Co-Founder. This foundation was created by our family in honor of my son Logan Parks. These scholarships will be given to students and athletes who exemplify good moral character, strong leadership skills, who respect themselves and others, and other noble characteristics. Said scholarships are to be used to further education either at a college or University, a trade school, or a certificate program. There will also be a few scholarships awarded to individuals to be used for 2nd to None training sessions or camps whom otherwise may not be able to attend.


This foundation is important to us because it's the epitome of Logan; generous, kind, thoughtful, and most importantly giving back to the community. Logan truly enjoyed giving back, and he did it freely, willingly, without ever expecting anything in return. Every day he looked forward to working with his students and athletes on and off the court. Not only did Logan teach basketball skills he also taught many life lessons to his students. He instilled confidence, self esteem, respect and many other admirable qualities. Logan was always giving back, this is why the foundation was created-to give back and to keep Logan's memory alive. All donations go directly into the scholarship fund and are tax deductible. Any donation is deeply appreciated. Thank you in advance for your contribution. You have no idea how much it means to me and my family to have your support. Much love...


Laura Parks: Founder- 989-714-2890


Matt Parks: Co-Founder-  989-397-8505


*Donations can be made any time, not only during special events. The information is listed below. Thank you in advance for any contribution you can make. There is never any amount too small, every penny helps our cause.


Venmo: @lpmsf


Cash App: $lpmsf

Annual 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

This tournament is held annually in Logan's memory to help raise money for our scholarships and offer a fun opportunity for individuals in the community. We have partnered with the Freeland Sportszone to create a fun environment in which members of the community, young and old, can come together, play some hoops, and have a good time. Below is a video of our first tournament from 2022. 

ALL revenue made from the 3 on 3 tournament goes right back into our scholarship foundation. If you would like to contribute and a monetary donation is not feasible, we will also be in need of silent auction items. These can be in the form of gift certificates, services rendered, gift baskets, etc. Any donation is deeply appreciated. We will also be in need of volunteers to help set up our venue and make sure everything is ready to go for tournament time. If you or anyone you know would be interested in volunteering their time or making a donation, please contact us below. Thank you in advance for your contribution. It means so much to us to have your support.

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